From advertising to assisting and advising

In this day and age, merely advertising your products online is no longer enough to stand out from the crowd. The next frontier in digital customer experience is in assisting and advising users to make a purchasing decision. Aiden offers a variety of tried and tested use cases for guided selling and robo-advice in retail.

These are (some of) our use cases

Enrich your campaigns with a guided shopping tool

Let's be real: pretty much every e-commerce shop has the same yearly content calendar. So how is your Mother's Day / Christmas / Spring Cleaning / Back-to-school message going to stand out from the crowd? Setting up a guided shopping tool (e.g. 'Find the perfect gift for mom') could do the trick. With Aiden, you can easily set up an interactive campaign tool that will do more than push products.

Set up a chatbot shopping advisor

Conversational interfaces are here to stay. In e-commerce, a chatbot is an excellent way to mirror offline (in-shop) expert conversations. That's why Aiden makes it easy to set up a chatbot and deliver it to your customers via Facebook Messenger, or integrate it in your own channels.

Revamp your category pages with a product finder

For some reason, e-commerce shops love to use filters on their category pages. But these filters are usually based on hard specs, which means they don't actually help a user make a purchasing decision. By integrating a product finder tool on a category page, Aiden allows your to have a conversation with your users and point them in the right direction. Our promise: increased conversion and higher NPS.